Integrating Fine Facilities

A thing of beauty is a joy forever and we have made it our mission to manufacture masterpieces in beauty. Our dexterous craftsmanship and strong infrastructure go hand in hand in fashioning delightful creations. The presence of modernised equipment and a vertically integrated workflow has given us the competitive edge over others.


Bringing Out Finesse

Experience has shown us that a perfect finish lies in a perfect start. We adopt selective screening to get the best yielding cotton and hoard it carefully until the next crop season. Cotton is spun in our spinning division with a spindleage capacity vast enough to support the entire yarn requirements. Specific requirements are met through our modern spinning division. Stringent procedures and guidelines are followed to consistently ensure uniform quality in our products.


Catering To Variety

Well begun is indeed half done. But there should be continuity in perfection to construct something of lasting value, which we have initiated in our weaving division. We believe in having ideal loom configurations to facilitate specific weaves. Hence we have installed various models like versatile Ruti-C1000, Sulzer P7100 and Dornier Air-jet looms in our unit, making us flexible when it comes to processing your orders.


Threading In Perfections

We know it means a lot to you to find stitches in their place. And unobtrusive too. We make use of German PAFF sewing machines and Japanese JUKI special machines to deliver stitches similar to the work of a seasoned seamstress. Besides, these state-of-art machines come with individual computer controls to make sure that stitching takes place at a greater pace and with the highest precision.


Fine-Tuning Every Details

As our creations begin to take form, we go about perfecting every single detail in them. Our skilled workers employ contemporary machinery to make certain that our products meet or rather exceed your specifications. We invest a lot of time and passion during this stage just to ensure that you have made a worthy purchase. Because, our products are more than just products; they are a legacy.


Smoothening Every Fold

Nothing quite matches the finish of crisply ironed and wrinkle free linen. We have in house steam ironing systems that provide steam at required temperatures to press our products. Meticulous care is taken by the personnel to avoid any damages to the products during this process.


Making a Pretty Statement

As much as a product is good, its packaging also counts - a business truth we have learned to appreciate and incorporate. Our packaging is done in accordance with client standards. We do the stuffing in house so any kind of additional specifications can be incorporated as well. To make sure you receive the goods in pristine condition, we stack them well enough to withstand travel conditions.


Inspiring Through Differences

Just like every creation in nature is unique, uniqueness is an integral feature of our products. Creating diversity has helped us succeed in a competitive environment and won us greater customer satisfaction. Our distinctiveness lies in the value additions like the exclusive print designs and embroidery patterns we provide. We do everything in-house and ensuring compliance is a part of our mantra.